Friday, March 18, 2011

#1 Mini Update

Hello dear!
This is my first mini update and yeah my first collection as well.
It is open for reservation. Fast! Grab it!
Only RM10 - RM15

Do email to to ask the price

If you confirm to purchase,
1. Fill the order form at How to order


2. Email me your details. Item Code, Name, Contact No, Address, Postal

Pos Laju is more recommended. RM7

Happy shopping guys!

1- KISS001 (Sold out)
2- KISS002 (Sold Out)
3- KISS003 (Reserved) 
4- KISS004 (Reserved) 
5- KISS005 (Reserved)

6- KISS006 (Reserved) RESTOCKABLE
7- KISS007 (Reserved)
8- KISS008 (Reserved) 
9- KISS009 (Sold out) RESTOCKABLE

10- KISS010 (Available) RESTOCKABLE
11- KISS011 (Available)
12- KISS012 (Reserved) RESTOCKABLE
13- KISS013 (Sold out) RESTOCKABLE

14- KISS014 (Available) RESTOCKABLE
15- KISS015 (Sold out)
16- KISS016 (Available) 
17- KISS017 (Sold out) RESTOCKABLE

Full update will be on 
Saturday 19/03/2011 10 a.m

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